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‘The birth of Leeds engineering’, at YAHS Industrial History day school about Leeds industry, planned for February/ March 2018 at Armley Mills.

‘Textile Revolution’, Victoria and Albert Museum, delivering a similar presentation in April 2018  as I did earlier this year: 2016-17 Textiles Ancient to Modern.

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And selected highlights from past talks and conferences:

Education, Science and early mechanical engineers’, joint lecture for the North-East Branch, Institute of Physics, and Newcastle Literary and Philosophical Society, 5 December 2016.

‘The Context of Textile Revolution: One Year in Leeds’, Rethinking Textiles conference, University of Leeds/ Leeds City Museums, April 2016.

‘Technologies’, Textiles and the Origins of Industrial Revolution: Linking Markets and Technique conference sponsored by Pasold. University of Hertfordshire and Victoria and Albert Museum, 15-16 April 2015.

‘After Arkwright: the Business of Building Machinery’, Industrial Revolution conference, Cromford, Economic History Society, October 2014.

‘Glass-making and the Rise of Industrial Sunderland’, National Glass Centre, public lecture, 2014.

‘The impact of railways on north-east towns: Darlington and Sunderland in the 19th century’, Oxford University Department for Continuing Education, 2013.

Durham County Local History Society annual meeting: 2008 David Reid memorial lecture, April 2008: ‘Unpacking a modern landscape: the building of Sunderland’.

Centre for Regional and Local Historical Research seminar, University of Teesside, January 2008: ‘A port of last resort: moving coal from County Durham, 1700-1850’.

Locality and Region seminar, Institute of Historical Research, University of London, May 2007: ‘Ferry, bridge and harbour: the development of the port of Sunderland from the 17th century’.

Centre for Research into Freemasonry, University of Sheffield, February 2007: ‘Freemasons and networking in 18th-c Sunderland’.

Sunderland Antiquarian Society, November 2006, ‘Ferry, bridge and port: recent VCH research in Sunderland’.

International Economic History Association conference, Helsinki, August 2006: ‘Keeping it in the family: the role of family firms in the industrialising north of England, 1780-1830’.

International Maritime Economic History Association, Kotka, Finland, August 2006: ‘Cutting out the Middleman: The Development of the Port of Sunderland, 1715-1850’.

Business History Conference Annual Meeting, Toronto, June 2006: ‘Frameworks and freemasons: municipal affairs and business infrastructure in late 18th-century Sunderland’

Pasold conference, University of Nottingham, October 2004: ‘Making a virtue of necessity? Business networks in two English textile districts, 1790-1830’.

European Business History Association, Barcelona, September 2004: ‘The dynamics of industrialisation: services and manufacturing in the Tees valley, 1818-1870’.

Institution of Electrical Engineers, History of Technology conference, UCL, July 2004: organiser and chair of 150th anniversary Atlantic cable session.